Emergency Lines, Gender Affirming Health Care, and More

These resources are for general reference, if you are experiencing serious health issues please seek out a qualified medical professional.

Emergency Lines

Trans Lifeline – Helpline for Trans people [emergency]

Trevor Lifeline – for LGBTQ+ youth under 26 [emergency]

Gender Affirming Care

WPATH Standards of Care – These are major standards for the health care of trans and nonbinary people and the treatment of gender dysphoria.

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin – Gender Affirming Care

WI Transgender Health Directory – Wisconsin Trans Health Coalition

Health Coverage Guide – Trans Equality

UW-Madison UHS – Trans Health

UW-Madison UHS – Informed Consent for HRT Care

UW Health – Gender Services

Erin’s Informed Consent HRT Map

Mayo Clinic – Gender Dysphoria

Psychology Today – Therapists in Madison, WI under trans issues

DIY HRT Information
caution: health care through a doctor is always preferable. Unfortunately, with the passage of anti-trans laws this sort of DIY information is valuable for harm reduction, as well. Please be safe.

GenderMap.org – Human Rights Campaign – Interactive Map: Clinical Care Programs for Gender-Expansive Children and Adolescents

Additional Health Resources

How Addiction Affects the Trans Community – AddictionResource.net

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