Stop Trans Genocide

cw: genocide, anti trans violence

written excerpt credit: Erin Reed

photo credit: Joe Brusky Photography / Light Brigading with Overpass Light Brigade

In the last nine months, three black trans women have been brutally killed in Milwaukee. Already in 2023, the state legislature overturned a rule that barred licensed professionals from engaging in debunked and dangerous conversion therapy practices that harm LGBTQ+ youth.

Across the nation, trans and non-binary people are being targeted by legislatures and a relentless hate mob calling for our destruction. Life-saving gender-affirming care is being removed by oppressive state governments from Texas to Florida. First for youth, and now the bills are targeting health care for trans adults. Drag has been banned in public in Tennessee, effectively reviving old anti-cross-dressing laws that have historically targeted LGBTQ+ people in public. Bathroom bills are back, and trans people are being threatened with a bill in Arkansas that would ban us from bathrooms that could contain minors.

The message is clear. Queer and trans people should not exist in public. We stand with the threatened trans people, particularly black trans women and trans youth in the South. We cannot tolerate performative cruelty to a small, vulnerable minority. TAM stands with queer, trans, and all LGBTQ+ people in the face of these threats.

The election for the Supreme Court is super important for WI and that’s happening on April 4th. The state government has been split for years, and turning the court could give us a chance to counter the anti-queer and anti-democratic legislature.

We stand together in solidarity, and will survive like we have for thousands of years.